Thomas Arcari


“Interesting things happen when creativity intersects with curiosity, freedom and intensity.”

Tom is a strategic thinker, expert business development leader, and consummate problem solver. The action-based partnerships he develops with clients, consultants, stakeholders and colleagues are grounded in developing practical solutions for complex, program-driven projects set within a variety of potentially challenging as well as rewarding contexts. 

He believes that environments have a profound impact on the ways in which people live their lives, and communities evolve, and that the profession of architecture is founded on providing the best possible service to clients and the community.

Tom has 25 years of experience designing and building senior and community centers, municipal buildings, public housing, public safety, recreational, commercial and residential facilities.

With a career span of 25 years to date, what are you still eager to learn?
Learning how to be a better educator of the younger generation of professionals that work in our ranks is an area of expertise where I strive to improve. Particularly, I regularly search for ways to communicate and relate to a new class of “students” that have grown up in a technology-based world.

What do you like most about being an architect?
I like the ongoing opportunity to mold the built environment that forms our homes, our workplaces, and our communities. Especially our local community. After college, many of my peers decided to go on to the big cities in order to “change the world”. I really wanted to come back home to Connecticut and to use the skills I had learned to make the world I came from and the world my children grew up in, a better place.

What do you see as an architect’s most important role?
Leadership. In order to exceed the expectations of our clients, Architects need to establish a vision, create a path between vision and reality, and lead the entire team to the finish line.





Senior and community centers, municipal buildings, public housing, public safety, recreational, commercial and residential facilities. 


Roger Williams University

QA+M Architecture is a full-service architectural firm that provides programming, planning and interior design for clients in Commercial, community, education, healthcare, historical, housing, and recreational/athletic markets. Staffed by 35 dedicated professionals, including 15 licensed architects, the firm has grown into one of the 10 largest architectural firms in Connecticut.