David Quisenberry

Principal, Founder

“The only shortage we cannot survive is an idea shortage.”

David is a proven visionary and effective leader with a keen ability to forge creative, long-term partnerships. His collaborative, team-based style is the underpinning of the firm’s approach both internally as well as with partners and clients, and the fuel for decades of innovative client solutions that deliver sustainable performance and results.

With an uncanny aptitude for recognizing and unleashing talent and drive in others, and transforming risk into opportunity, David is a steady influence in the firm’s continued rise in market position and growth.

Beginning his career in the structural engineering department of an international architecture and design firm, where he gained extensive experience designing high-rise buildings sited in restricted urban settings, David’s expansive portfolio includes a variety of building types, including mixed-use developments, retail, professional service, urban apartments, and private residences.

Why did you become an architect?
I honestly cannot remember ever wanting to be anything else. In Kindergarten, the teacher asked all the kids to draw a picture of their house. I drew an actual floor plan! I guess that is how I experience space – more related to how it is laid out and functions than what it looks like. I had to learn the aesthetic side of the profession through training.

You are an architect, business person, leader, mentor, and partner. Which role do you enjoy the most, and why?
I feel that those are actually all one role that I must fill. My professional success is related to my sense that I cannot be great at any of those roles without being very good at all of them.

What role is QA+M playing to influence the future of architecture in its marketplace?
We have created an environment where people can pursue their passion within the profession. I am surrounded by outstanding creative and talented people, and our firm structure enables each person to elevate all of us. I feel that most architectural firms have employees trying to emulate their leader rather than becoming leaders on their own.





Mixed-use developments, retail, professional service, urban high-rise, apartments and private residences


University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


Previous projects of special interest

Citicorp – New York City, NY
55 Stories (first high rise building in Long Island City). Performed structural detailing for lobby finishes and curtain wall connections.

Skidmore Owings & Merrill

One Broadway Place – New York City, NY
Performed structural detailing for exposed tower spire.

Skidmore Owings & Merrill

World Wide Plaza – New York City, NY
Worked on multiple column load transfers to enable elliptical pedestrian walkway at base of building.

Skidmore Owings & Merrill

Chemed Center – Cincinnati, OH
Engineered 31 story post-tensioned concrete structure including multiple parking levels

Skidmore Owings & Merrill

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