Red Thread
The Workplace Innovation Hub in East Hartford was designed to showcase furniture from Steelcase and other brands in a creative, thoughtful, functional way. Neighborhoods were created to support different types of work from quiet, heads down work to collaborative teamwork. No spaces are off limits to staff and every corner is available and used. QA+M was involved early and helped in determining the best floor for Red Thread to occupy. Exterior views influenced the decision to take the third floor.

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The lobby space immediately leads into a combination café, meeting, gathering and presentation space. By combining these functions the efficiency of the space is maximized and it is often utilized. The technology wall creates a natural presentation space for large staff meetings or presentations. Choices in furniture throughout the project offer staff choices in posture throughout the week or even the day, depending on their task. Smaller workstations are offered for staff that are infrequently in the office and don’t require a lot of storage. Many techs enabled meeting rooms including individual spaces are offered throughout the floor. Room and workstation reservation systems as well as banks of lockers throughout the floor allow for easy scheduling of hybrid staff members.


Red Thread


East Hartford, Connecticut




19,700 SF


$1,500,000 - $2,000,000

QA+M Architecture is a full-service architectural firm that provides programming, planning and interior design for clients in commercial, community, education, healthcare, historical, housing, and recreational/athletic markets. Staffed by 34 dedicated professionals, including 14 licensed architects, QA+M has grown to be the 4th largest architectural firm in the Greater Hartford area.


195 Scott Swamp Rd, Farmington, CT 06032


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